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Wyoming Whiskey Brand Presents Bottles in Order to Save National Parks


Harrison Ford, the owner of Wyoming Whiskey, says that Wyoming is his home, and considers the National Parks and whiskey one of the main legacies of Wyoming. That is why the American company, in cooperation with the National Parks Foundation, where Yellowstone and Grand Teton are located, presents two lines of American 5-year-old whiskey. The first line is easy to get. On each bottle, we can see the image of the incredibly beautiful Teton mountain range. And it will cost only 50 dollars. The company is planning to produce a new batch every year. And what’s more important, ten percent of the sales of each bottle will go to a fund that co-works with the National Park Service in order to protect the land.

The second line that Wyoming Whiskey has released will make you spend a little more money. Wide Open Spaces- By Air consists of four bottles. Each of these bottles is decorated with images that were taken from the air by Wyoming photographer Tuck Fauntleroy and then painted by artist Jamison Sellers on some natural materials. Four bottles have already been sold at auction on the evening of April 20.

The company is very proud of how they managed to transform this event. It is really important to restore and save public parks and preserve nature for future generations.

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