Zacoe’s Toyota GR Supra Features Carbon Fiber Lips, Wings, Spoilers, and Trims

Toyota GR Supra

Zacoe, who is famous for its remakes of Lamborghinis, McLarens, and Porsches, has recently worked on the design of the latest generation of Toyota GR Supra (A90 model).

While still being recognizable, the car has been given a full reworking. Looking at the front, you will see a new bumper that’s decorated with a splitter made of carbon fiber and an air intake. Deep bulges highlight the bold hood, while outsized side skirts are also made of carbon. 

And looking at the rear, you will see flared wheel arches along with a set of rims made of satin gold that contrast the matte green color.

In addition, at the rear, a giant GT3 racing-esque rear wing was added. And air intakes make larger the flared arches. Finally, to finish the upgrades of the exterior a lightly-revised diffuser was added.

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